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Are you settling into a new residence? You may have rented a new apartment, leased a commercial place recently, changed cleaning company, or fired a bad employee. What do all these have in common? You may be the potential victim of security breaches. Past residents, owners and disgruntled staff, all have access to your unit and you need to stop them from entering. How are you going to do that? Simple, Blacklick OH Locksmith Store has the answer in the form of rekeying locks. You don’t need to change the locks because we will transform the intricate mechanisms present within. This will make the mechanisms new without the customary purchase of a new lock.

Why is rekeying locks so important?

Rekeying locks can actually save your day and keep the premises secure from unauthorized access. When you move into a new building or run a business, you need not have the duplicate keys to the premises. Allowing the situation to continue for any length of time, is courting trouble. Even when one gets the keys from contractors, previous owners, employees, or occupants, they would get plenty of chances to make copies. You cannot take any chances. Rekeying locks seems like the most practical solution in such situations.

The process of rekeying the locks

Blacklick OH Locksmith Store Blacklick, OH 614-428-0453For a highly specialized job, hiring an amateur might lead to trouble. Once you damage the lock, nothing but replacement remains the option. When rekeying locks we will remove the doorknob to get to the lock. Now we push cylinder out of lock assembly, remove knob sleeve, to take off the cylinder. Then we remove the thin ring retainer from lock cylinder, insert original key in the lock, remove cylinder plug carefully. For this, we use specialized equipment. We will then fit the new lock with an entirely new pin configuration and put the lock together.

Expert solutions that work for you perfectly

Rekeying locks involve tumbler changing of lock cylinders using another tumbler size. Once we are done, you can throw away the old keys because you can no longer use them for opening. In comparison for replacement, costs involved in rekeying locks are far less.

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