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Have you lost the car keys? Perhaps you have locked these in the vehicle and do not have any way to open the doors now. At other times, you might require reprogramming of the transponder keys or replacement. Do not worry because Blacklick OH Locksmith Store can help you immediately. We can create new car keys, irrespective of the make and model. We program, supply transponder keys, central locking and remote fobs, automotive keys of all types, both, door, and ignition lock replacement, repair. We also offer locks rekey, reprogramming, complete change of locks, and key cutting. When you require new car keys, calling us in Blacklick, OH area is the best choice.

How much time will we take to cut your keys?

This of course depends upon the specialization required in cutting the key. However, you remain rest assured that everything would be over within 30 minutes at most. Everything will happen before your eyes and you will have the new key ready, your car door opened and you sit behind the wheels in no time. You want you on the road as quickly as possible. For this reason, we travel in our mobile vans fully equipped with precision tools to create new car keys immediately. We can cut the keys using codes or use existing keys.

Is it possible to make new car keys minus the original?

You can understand very well that creation of new car keys is a highly specialized job. You need to be completely accurate with precise results to make this successful. We can procure code by using VIN, key decoding, and ignition cylinder decoding. When you want fast results, we will simply use the existing keys to duplicate. Ignition cylinder decoding is the most time consuming method. Appropriate dimension key blanks make the process fast. We can create new car keys even when the original one is not present.

Our new car keys creation services

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  • Replacement of car keys
  • Key cutting service
  • Car door opening solution
  • Hundreds of key blanks
  • Solution for lost keys
  • Remote car key replacement
  • Auto lock repair
  • Switchblade key replacement
  • Chipped key activation
  • Trunk and car unlock service
  • Transponder key programming
  • Ignition key replacement
  • Spare key creation

You do not have to go anywhere for new car keys in Blacklick, OH. We will be right where you are ready with solutions you need. Just call us on 614-428-0453.