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Blacklick OH Locksmith Store Blacklick, OH 614-428-0453Blacklick OH Locksmith Store had humble beginnings. We started out as a small service provider with few clients across Blacklick, OH area. Even in those early days, our lock & key service enjoyed a dedicated clientele. Their numbers have grown through the years, but our commitment has not changed. This has made us one of the top-most service providers in Blacklick and beyond, a firm that you can trust. By our mere presence, we can make a number of lock and key troubles vanish in thin air. How is this possible?

  • Immediate identification of problems
  • Availability of right tools and techniques
  • Quick solutions on the spot

In no time, life will go on as normal for your home or business. We offer the whole range of lock & key service, including transponder key creation, lockout solutions, security consultation, lock installation, repair, and replacement.

Full commitment to your satisfaction

Known for our wholehearted commitment to every project that we undertake, our lock & key service minimizes worries and strengthen security aspects of home and businesses. In keeping with this, we have a 24/7 dedicated department to handle your calls. When something urgent comes up, they will deal with the situation immediately. A break-in situation requires immediate intervention to secure your property. We will replace or repair the broken locks as per the need. We will also give you some emergency advice to prevent further attempts to breach security. As one can see, our lock & key service is all pervasive aimed to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Highly qualified team and superior infrastructure

What is the secret behind our lock & key service’s success? Through the years, we have invested heavily on bolstering the infrastructural aspects of our firm. This has helped us to improve the quality of the services, make them timely, effective, one and tailored to your needs. Today we have a fleet of mobile vans fitted with the most state-of-the-art equipments at a locksmith might use. The firm also has a number of workshops at strategic locations across Blacklick. This significantly decreases the distance that we have to travel in order to reach your location. The highly qualified team members can identify any lock trouble.

Affordable lock & key service

Besides everything else, the affordability factor also gives high prominence to our lock & key service. It surprises people. We always charge a fraction less than what our competitors do.

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