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Blacklick OH Locksmith Store Blacklick, OH 614-428-0453For most of us, locks are highly dependable assets that never seem to fail us until they decide to prove otherwise and you have to install new locks. Like everything else, what we fail to realize is that these two are like every other mechanisms. They are prone to damage, malfunction, wear and tear. Can you do to prevent this? Regular maintenance might increase their service life significantly, but there will come a time when you have to install new locks. This is inevitable. Once you realize that the old lock has completed its useful life, go ahead and call Blacklick OH Locksmith Store. We are your most reliable locksmith and have retained this position for 10+ years in Blacklick, OH.


Different types of locks and replacement needs

Due to our experience in handling all types of products possible, we will identify when it is time to install new locks.

  • Rim cylinder locks: When repair is not the option, our locksmith team will replace the lock barrel. Installation of the new unit is the ultimate step and we will take it only when nothing else works. In such cases, we replace everything and this includes the lock casing.
  • UPVC locks: Sometimes, the door might only require some realigning. We will install new locks when the mechanism -the MPL or multipoint unit fails. When that happens, we will open the door to replace the mechanism.
  • Mortice locks: Most times, the failure of this lock is due to vandalism. Thugs might put some foreign body or superglue inside. Attempted burglary will also damage or bend the locks when the thieves try to kick open the door. We will install new locks on an emergency basis when this happens.

Install new locks-what is the procedure

To install new locks, we will follow the specifications of the manufacturers. This will ensure effective operations just as it was meant. Before we can use the new product, however, our team first removes the existing locks. Take deadbolts for example. Here we will dissemble the apparatus by unscrewing. This proves to be more complicated in doorknobs. For this, we have the required tools, like the plug follower, spanner, and the catch tool. Catch tool is for removing the handle or the knob. After the removal of the old lock, we may even have to address the associated holes. This is to install new locks. If the brand and model is same, this will not be necessary.

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