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Blacklick OH Locksmith Store Blacklick, OH 614-428-0453Losing the keys of your car or unlocking them within the vehicle is quite common. Our frequently used Blacklick OH Locksmith Store services handle all type of emergencies including car unlock. Calling us to fix the lock makes sense because otherwise the methods that you use might not be good for the lock. Often, people tend to use magnets or clothes hanger for the purpose. When you try to pry open the car by using such tools, your vehicle sustains irreparable damage. Modern cars have advanced mechanisms. As such, the methods might not even work. The damage might occur to the elegant, high-quality paint job, locking mechanisms or car windows. With something as sophisticated and a huge asset like your car, it is better to avoid such means. Professional car unlock services is the best bet in every way, so call Blacklick OH Locksmith Store today!

Protect your major investment with appropriate professional services

We use various methods to achieve car unlock for clients in Blacklick, OH area. These safe and highly-reliable methods will get you the results without a single scratch on the precious body of the vehicle. The procedures and the tools used depend on the car type and associated lock system. We use all types of tools including long-reach equipment and wedges, especially, designed for the purpose. Since we have to achieve car unlock from the outside, we will require something to create gaps between door/window and interior of the vehicle. Once they create gap, we will be able to insert tools for releasing locks. Different types of wedges are available for the purpose.

Ideal tools for specialized car unlock

Our typical toolkit for car unlock will contain vinyl, metal, or plastic wedges. A thin and small wedge will be able to create enough gaps for our team to insert a bigger one. Caution is the key because while the metal wedges are extremely effective they can cause damage as quickly. We will use air inflatable wedge to introduce it gently within the interiors. Now we will pump this to create opening between weather-stripping and windows. Once we are able to gain access inside, it is time to insert long tools manually. These are either bendable or solid. Some of these tools have angles that assist our work. We will use them to maneuver awkward spaces and corners finally opening the car door. This type of car unlock solutions achieve the purpose quickly without any damage.

The next time you lock yourself out accidentally do not waste time in calling others, but call Blacklick OH Locksmith Store instead!